DisCom International supplies all markets with engineered clamps and associated components. All clamps are engineered for the customer?s application ? we don?t simply pick the closest off the shelf option. Our objective is that we provide you with the best technical solution at the best price. Contact us today to discuss perfect seal joints utilizing V-band, marmon, and flange clamps. We can also support band clamps and mounting straps. We provide clamp solutions ranging from stainless steel to Inconel and installation aids such as waxed bolts, silver platings, aero-tight/stay-tight nuts, and alignment features/installation aids. Thinking beyond ?just a clamp?, DisCom has patented out-of-the box solutions that integrate gaskets and sensor bosses in addition to ceramic coatings that can increase heat retention, reduce surface temperatures, or reduce the grade of the metal needed for an application.

Beyond providing the product, we are dedicated to providing engineering services to make Job 1 a breeze ? we provide CAD, CAE, FEA, and component level testing services for clamps AND the entire joint. Our objective is to ensure our customers have a leak free solution with the ability to recommend and source the best gaskets and mating flanges to our clamps. We are dedicated to providing answers to all engineering questions to complete tasks to move from prototype to production.



Material Chart
Stainless Steel
A286 Stainless Steel