DisCom offers a variety of different casting materials and technologies to support our customer demands.? We supply machined castings to some of the most demanding applications ? turbocharger and turbo outlet exhaust components ?? Extreme temperatures and thin walls.? DisCom offers over 20 years of experience in sand, investment, and die castings.? Materials that these processes allow us to bring to your teams are: grey iron, high silicone moly, NI resist, ductile, stainless steels, Nickel/Cobalt based, Aluminum, and Titanium.? Our turbine and compressor housings are gravity and vacuum fed.? Through our extensive process based partnerships, we our ability to support your product needs based on physical size and volumes are unlimited.

Based on the base material, various secondary operations are available ? heat treatment, acid pickling, passivation, eletro-polish, powder coat, zinc plating, phosphate coating, and more!

Maybe castings are not strong enough for your technical needs?? We can supply forgings from equipment ranging up to 1600 tons and 500kW of induction heating.

Maybe something with tighter tolerances are needed?? Let us provide solutions based on Powder Metal or Metal Injection Molding!? With strength rivaling wrought materials and endless abilities to machine, weld, bend, join, heat treat and HIP, these may be solutions for you!

Normally, customers need more than a casting, forging, or powder part.? All of our partners have full machining capacities.? Traditional CNC lathes and mills, centerless grinders and precision machining to support fuel systems are all available.

With decades of engineering experience in these areas, we can seamlessly integrate solutions with your engineering teams and shorten the time from design to production.




Material Chart
Brass, Bronze, Copper
Stainless Steel
A286 Stainless Steel